From beginning to end, Terry provided excellent advice and guidance. Planning ahead to ensure we got it right first time was very important to us and Terry understood that, and worked with us to achieve our goals. We found one particular aspect of the layout of our home quite tricky to work in to the design and Terry worked very hard to incorporate our ideas and make them work without having to change the original design significantly. We are extremely pleased with the end results.
- Bruce Flay & Clare Murray

Terry helped us through the process of choosing an architect; selecting a particular design of house, as well as making sure we kept to our budget. Terry and his team’s attention to detail were amazing as well as their very high standards - even if it involved ripping something out and redoing it, to make it absolutely perfect – Terry and his team wanted the best. It gave us confidence that the house we were going to get would be able to stand the test of time. Terry and Robin were both available whenever we needed them. We knew that we could leave the project totally in Terry and Robin’s hands because we knew that they were honest, reliable, conscientious, and a stickler for detail. Terry handled all our bumps and humps of the building process efficiently and made the process fun and easy for us. They kept us informed of any changes made to the building, cost adjustments and other workmen coming in to do the various jobs. It is difficult to find enough praiseworthy words to describe the efficiency, hard work, attention to detail, politeness of Terry and his team. After a year of consulting and building it will be hard to say good bye to such lovely friends, as we now see them to be.
- Tony & Beverlyn Anjaiya-Winder

We moved into the house which was already built. Right from our first visit we were very impressed with the workmanship and finishing in the house. From the high quality kitchen to the well planned ensuite and walk in wardrobe, we have been pleased with the way the house has become a home for us. A builder friend also gave the thumbs up which made our decision to purchase even stronger. The home is very functional and comfortable as well as having attractive features such as the stone work. After two years we are still happy with our home and we really wouldn't make any changes .Thank you Mary Lu and Terry for the positive way you involved us in your business.
- Peter and Kay Eliason

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